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    West Island Travel is committed to bringing you the best possible variety of savings and services. All year, we work hard to bring you a greater selection of discounts and vacation options to make your vacation dreams come true. But we do not forget the other aspects of travel life and that is the business traveler. We take pride at West Island Travel to accommodate all budgets and proposals for the business traveler, and we are ready to provide them with smooth travel plans.



    Let’s face it, life is pretty stressful. There is so much to do – work, home, kids, the never ends! You deserve a break, and a cruise is the ideal vacation. As we move forward into the 21st century, cruising is at the forefront of many people’s vacation wish lists. In our opinion, it will most certainly be the vacation choice for many individuals and families in the years ahead.

culinary beachWe will help you decide which cruise line is right for you, we book on many different cruise lines including the popular carnival cruises.

   Culinary adventures are a big part of cruising. Whether you choose to have breakfast in your cabin, or a casual lunch on deck, or an elegant five course meal in the dining room, you will find a feast for the senses. The perfect wine to complement your evening meal is there for you. Dress up for dinner or dress choose, it’s your vacation.

 After the sun goes down your ship comes alive with the sounds of jazz, applause from the shows, and cheers from the casino. Singers, dancers, comedians; all is possible on one ship. Take an evening stroll on deck, absorb the soothing sounds of the calm sea, and you’ll soon realize that your cruise vacation has taken you away.

cruise boath

   Explore on board, do it all or nothing at all! Life on board can be as busy or as quiet as you decide. Start your day with an early jog around the deck, or an aerobic workout. Book yourself a massage, and then find that perfect spot to read your favorite novel. Your vacation also includes the opportunity to explore each port of call. Learn to snorkel, go shopping, take an island tour, play golf, have lunch ashore, or do it all. Every day brings a new assortment of exciting choices and activities ashore.
Kids count too!! From supervised activities, to special kids’ menus, to meeting new friends, every detail is considered. Cruise lines offer many activities, keeping your little ones safe and amused. Be prepared for a lot of’ll have a hard time getting the kids to bed each night!

   Contact us so we can help you decide what cruise line is best for you. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What type of activities and entertainment do you like? What are theme cruises? How do you dress? What age group will be on the cruise with us? Any Kids?

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   Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba are the most widely requested vacations spots. Or, head for the deep southern Caribbean, at Aruba, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, or Central and South Americas.

Maldives Beach   We have years of experience in these destinations, so we can offer the quality and service you deserve. From a Cancun vacation package to a honeymoon on a private island.

   The Beach is not the only activity in the hot south. There are many options provided in all parts of the Caribbean and Mexico. From city or tropical tours, to ancient Mayan ruins, to fantastic snorkeling and scuba tours, everything is possible. You can enjoy a quiet relaxing holiday in a secluded beach area, or you can choose a spot where the town never sleeps.

 The Caribbean and Mexico is for anyone and anything, it’s your vacation.Family-in-white-on-beach

   Golf holidays, family vacations, honeymoons, or even a dream wedding by the beach, everything is possible.

   Contact Us so we can help you make an informed travel decision.

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   As the 21st century begins, South America is a continent on the brink of enormous change. Roads and western culture will soon be reaching into remote mountain areas and vast tracts of jungle. Now is the time to venture into this ancient and mysterious world while it is still intact. It could be the last chance to see rain forests of such vastness, beauty, and diversity, and visit with people whose beliefs and way of life are directly descended from their Inca ancestors. Venture off well-traveled roads to witness scenic beauty, natural wonders, rare animals and bird life. Explore lands unchanged since the beginning of time.

  night-tour You may have seen Europe before, but it changes every time you visit.

   You can visit the big cities; Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Athens, and many more.

   Or visit those fairy tale villages, where the only accommodation may be a castle, manor house or a century old bed and breakfast.

   Visit Europe by rail, bus, cycling tour, ship, or by plane. All is at your fingertips, for all types of budgets. Meet the proud people of Europe, and travel through villages frozen in time. Relish their historical significance and charm as you pass through these villages.

   If there is one thing he Middle East has taught us, it’s that borders may change, but the sights are eternal. The world’s major religions were born here. One can still see the opulence of kings and queens that presided over these lands 3000 years ago. Lost cities, restless sands, and coveted treasures are easily found. Unfathomable wealth guarded by secrets, and a river that flows like precious blood through the heart of a civilization. This is the Holy Land. In Egypt, join a camel caravan to the Great Pyramid of Giza, and enter the royal burial chamber. Cruise the Nile to see villages unchanged since Biblical times. In Jordan, visit Crusader castles en route to Petra, the ancient city, made from sandstone, glows pink with the setting sun. We will design a program that is suited for the must see Middle East.


 Africa is an extraordinary journey that few will ever experience. Travel to the Skeleton Coast of Namibia and the fantastic Namib Desert. Embark on an African safari in Botswana, Kenya, or Tanzania. This is the continent in which mankind is thought to have been born many, many years ago.

   If safari and deserts do not interest you, visit the industrialized country of South Africa from Capetown to Durban to Johannesburg. This should be done by rail so you are able to see the spectacular views of South Africa’s massive mountains, valleys and gorges.

honkong temple


The Orient and South Pacific, this remote corner of the world, is still a place of wonder for the curious, where some islanders still wear grass skirts and perform tribal ceremonies unchanged since the Stone Age. Or visit the bustling city centers of Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. Whether business or pleasure, this part of the world has it.

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   At West Island Travel we always try to anticipate your needs. Our commitment to customer service is as strong as our tradition to improve approaches of travel management, approaches that mean our clients get from A to B faster, more comfortably and more economically than ever before.


Our goal is to maximize your investment, by rethinking, reengineering, and redesigning the way you travel, and having a positive impact on your bottom line.

   If you need to make travel arrangements for your sales team, go to a convention in Las Vegas, or have a meeting overseas with a client. We have the specialists to arrange all aspects of your business trip.

   Business travel is OUR business, let us take care of your travel needs so you can concentrate on YOUR business.

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